Christina captivated the audience with her heartfelt honesty. Not only was she prompt, professional and well-spoken, she inspired our Rallim Moms with her own back story. From laughter to tears, Christina challenged the audience of moms to make peace with the past, live in the present and dream about the future. Christina's earnest accounts and real-life struggles when she became a mom for the first time inspired the audience to embrace their children as individuals. We highly recommend Christina as a professional speaker.
Rallim Preparatory
I cannot thank you enough for giving of your time to be our keynote speaker at the IEASA Woman of Today event. Your topic “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” was the perfect fit and we were captivated as you shared your very personal and heartrending journey straight from the heart. Your message was very moving and I felt absolutely compelled to be the best version of myself, regardless of the difficulties, after hearing you speak. We received wonderful feedback from many of the delegates who were very touched by your story and can’t wait for you to present "Life & Brand Strategy” next.
Annette Evans, IEASA
We had the privilege of having Christina attend one of our 4th Trimester Chats at our Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop on the 2 August 2019. It was a talk For Mompreneurs about Your life and Brand Strategy. Christina is such an warm, engaging person and she really made all the moms feel at ease. She was very informative, sharing a bit about her own personal journey and giving advise, help and guidance to all the moms. It was a very inspirational talk and we would love to have Christina back again for another talk in the near future
Megan Eadie , Ubuntu Baba
I can safely say that having met Christina has been one of the highlights of my photographic journey so far. Christina was able to capture in words the essence of my message as a photographer. She assisted me in streamlining and defining my marketing goals and helped me to set out my strategy and plan.I left our session feeling motivated, excited and most importantly secure in my next steps. She is so lovely, accommodating and understanding, and is such a pleasure to work with.
Lynn Shapiro Photography
Christina delivered a captivating talk on having a strategy for you and your business. She was such a pleasure to listen to and I found myself lost in her sharing her testimony and her life experiences. Christina managed to turn a life if extreme challenges into a business and she is willing to share her experience with us all. This is a quality not many people possess, the belief in her self and how she can help others grow. It is amazing to witness. Thank you Christina for helping me feel empowered and ready to take on all challenges coming my way.
Nadine / Smallberg Party of Four
The speaker Christina Masureik was outstanding. I loved it! She really did give the audience energy, we laughed out loud, I didn't fall asleep, and the audience was participating. I would actively seek out more of her conferences and talks to attend. If in the future I am part of a team or company that could use her skills, I would definitely look her up and hire her to help. Truly a lovely person and I could have listened to her for longer, so whoever taught this lady needs a big pat on the back! She has been one of my best guest speakers by far."
Public Relations Officer, Hirsch’s
Christina did such an amazing job of putting together a well-attended inspiring evening! She brought together a fabulous team of experts who really added value to the audience leaving everyone motiviated and equipped to take actionable steps to elevating their brands. Christina is a gifted connector and her warm manner instills trust and a sense of belonging. So not only is she effective in what she does, she'll invite you into a firm friendship from the outset. You' re in comfortable, capable hands when you work with Chrstina!
Abigail K BA(Comm)
I enjoy working with Christina. She takes time to listen and cares deeply about her clients. She is constantly looking for relevant material to publish and is always on the top of her game. I must also add that she has a wide network of businesses and friends around her. She is the sort of person you want in your corner.
Lazarus Kaseke / Eva Financial Solutions
Working with Christina has been an absolute dream, not only is she personable and articulate but she is also super efficient and knowledgeable. From the very start of our collaboration I knew it would be a success and I enjoyed working on this wonderful and valuable event. Its so important that as women and mothers we lift each other up and support one another and to be able to in tandem support local businesses this event really appealed to me. I felt that my contribution and participation was appreciated and acknowledged and I have found that it has been more beneficial for my reach than I thought possible. It was also such a lovely way to connect with other mums and women doing their thing and that in and of itself is inspirational! I can't wait for the next one!
Caitlyn de Beer
I recently worked with Christina for a bloggers event and sponsored a prize in a big giveaway that she organised She is professional, approachable and totally on-the-ball. I was thrilled with the impact of her competition on my personal brand, and the enormous reach that it got. Thanks Christina.
Aliya's Vibrant Life
Working with Christina is an absolute joy. She is thoughtful, forward thinking and such fun to be around. There is tons of purpose and meaning behind her actions and I love that her true passion for connecting people and brands can be seen in her work. The event was a huge success (everyone that attended loved it and felt spoilt) and I would most certainly attend another event and/or sponsor again.
Grow is a niche marketing agency specializing in distributing product samples to niche target markets. Grow distributes 50,000 sample packs to moms at playschools nationally. Christina contacted me as she had received a Grow Sample Pack at her son’s school. I thought I’d give the brands sampling in the Grow Packs some additional online exposure by offering sample packs for her event. I was completely blown away by the results. My Instagram exploded which gave brilliant exposure to all the brands that were in the sample packs. Apart from the incredible online exposure, I’ve been so impressed with Christina’s slick and organized implementation, whilst at the same time offering a very personal approach. I love that she’s encouraging and supporting mom entrepreneurs and cannot rate her highly enough. She is absolutely brilliant and I am looking forward to our next project
Sam Du Plessis, Grow Marketing
"Christina has not only helped Mkono grow in followers but also in paid participants to the artisanal workshops. We collaborated, ran an ad campaign and Mkono saw a drastic difference in brand awareness within 24 hours. I am very thankful and grateful to Christina for her help and expertise in helping Mkono go from strength to strength. I hope to continue to work with Christina in the future! My number in followers doubled in the first 24 hours and an additional 3 tickets were booked to the workshop."
Candace May www.mkono.co.za/ @mkonoevents
Christina was brilliant in assisting me in increasing my followers and sales by collaborating and featuring a giveaway which increased my following as well as interaction and engagement on my page. Her hands on involvement gave me peace of mind that she has a plan and it worked and we all reaped the benefits of her ideas.
“Christina helped us do an Instagram giveaway and, within two days of the Instagram contest, we had gained over 100 new followers on our page and new customers into our shop. From sourcing the bloggers to writing the content, Christina single-handedly coordinated the whole competition. We were so impressed with how passionate and hardworking she was. We highly recommend Christina to any developing brand or local business if they want to widen their reach and connect with new customers whether it be via social media or speaking. Christina is your girl!”
As a newby blogger with a very niche target audience I have found the social media landscape, and support from other bloggers somewhat challenging at times. Recently a service provider requested that I help to promote her business by collaborating with a few bloggers to run a competition. Christina headed up the campaign and rather quickly earned my admiration and respect. We have never met one another, yet I found her approach to the campaign to be completely inclusive, respectful and energetic. She positively connected with all other bloggers on the project and took lead without being over-bearing. She is clearly experienced and I found Christina to be well-organised, goal oriented and effective. Her creativity is evident in her social media posts and that translated to our project. I would be delighted at the opportunity to collaborate with her in future.
JaqiOnTheGo (Gluten-free girl)
"Christina is an outgoing, energetic and kind person. She is extremely self motivated and works very well managing teams. She is the true definition of a leader and works with everyone at their own pace as opposed to just telling people what to do and leaving them. Christina is patient and trustworthy.  I have enjoyed working with Christina and excited to work together again in he future. She is a breathe of fresh air and so dedicated to each and everything she does. On top of that she is very creative. Thanks for a great time working together Christina. You are the best."
Lorien Jarzebowski
“Christina visited our salon for the first time in June 2018. Promptly upon telling her we were new at our business and wanted to grow in the community, she offered her help. Christina volunteered to help us do an Instagram giveaway and, within two days of the Instagram contest, we had gained over 100 new followers on our page and new customers into our shop. From sourcing the bloggers to writing the content, Christina single handedly coordinated the whole competition. We were so impressed with how passionate and hardworking she was. We highly recommend Christina to any developing brand or local business if they want to widen their reach and Connect with new customers whether it be via social media or speaking. Christina is your girl!”
1-sixty Hair
“Christina is a warm soul who connected with me and my brand straight away. In an industry that doesn’t allow overt social media use for marketing, Christina understood this and was able to authentically engage an audience via social media that was acceptable. It was lovely to work with such an engaging person who truly appreciates social media as an avenue to connect with people.” Kind regards, 
Dr Chantel da Silva - Registered Chiropractor
I met Christina through a mom and baby group and was immediately moved by her bubbly personality. It was obvious she was a happy mama but I had no idea what a mover and shaker she was. Not long after meeting her was I introduced to one of her biggest clients with the opportunity to pitch on their corporate video. From the introduction to the briefing and the final pitch, Christina coordinated the entire project, managing communication between the client and I. Christina has a work enthusiasm and energy that is pleasingly contagious. Not only is she a great connector, coordinator and project manager, but she is full of creative ideas and so fun to work with! I highly recommend her for anything creative or related to marketing.
Farryn Wuest – Paper Boat Productions
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