Modern Racism & Multiracial Marriage

In this episode of The Honest Hour, I chatted with Aisha O’Reilly, founder of Aisha & Life Blog.

On a mission to encourage other women to improve their lives by sharing honest snippets of her own, Aisha is a Mom and blogger extraordinaire with a special passion for sharing her journey with natural African hair, and all the realities of interracial marriage (or just marriage, for that matter), as well as modern motherhood.

We discussed so many topics, from motherhood to multi-racial relationships, the need for our generation to understand the history of racism and more. We started off by chatting about how she is pregnant with her second child, in the middle of a strictly enforced lock-down, and then we moved to more complex subjects that are dear to her heart and were enlightening to mine. It was a truly heart-felt and honest conversation.

On a deep and personal level, Aisha and I got into the dark truths around the loneliness in pregnancy and in motherhood. We addressed how those niggly childhood wounds surface and how, with grace and true inner awareness, we obtain the opportunity to not only be the loving mothers we want to be for our children, but we also get the chance to re-parent ourselves again. Aisha tells me how motherhood changed the way she sees the world, herself and influences how she engages with her community now.

Having traveled the world as the daughter of a diplomat, Aisha grew up with a variety of cultural influences and was exposed to many world views and societal circumstances. However progressive she and her (white) husband were raised though, she faced unexpected negativity and judgement online at times when sharing parts of her life. She had to learn first-hand to navigate the trepidatious waters of racism and digital bullying when sharing her interracial family life publicly.

Aisha, and I, wholeheartedly believe that sharing our truths allows others to do the same. And it is through these honest acts of sharing our vulnerabilities and discoveries that we can rise together and collectively BE THE CHANGE.

It was incredible and thought provoking to chat with Aisha. She was so easy and natural to open to that I felt like we were old pals! I will certainly be continuing to follow her and her family’s journey online, and I encourage you to also.

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