Mammas discuss how we each Celebrate our Organic

Celebrate Your Organic

On Monday 1 April 2019, I was invited to sit among an audience of inspiring local Cape Town mammas to discuss how we each Celebrate our Organic.

Hosted by Stella of the Stellarize Lifestyle Stationery brand and Pure Beginnings at Nourish’d Café in Observatory, we were welcomed with home-made chai spice tea and mingling, followed by the most restful and rejuvenating mindfulness meditation practice. We topped off our inspiring and uplifting evening with gorgeous colourful salads & vegan treats eaten together in circle.

Left feeling very inspired after this lovely evening, I have decided to showcase a little bit of what my own organic looks like and hopefully encourage you all to do the same. I would love nothing more than this movement, initiated by the wonderful Pure Beginnings brand, to encourage others to live more intentional, thoughtful and healthier lives.

Here is my organic!

Shop Local

Recently, we have made it a habit to visit our local farmers market every weekend. While hubby goes for a surf or run, the boys and I ride bikes along the sea point promenade and attend the gorgeous gathering and celebration of community that is the Oranjezicht City Farm.

If the beautifully and artfully grown organic veggies, hand woven pot holders, perfectly placed salads, mouth watering brownies, locally made biltong, hand crafted chocolates and more don’t display the epitome of a communities sweat, blood and tears, I don’t know what does. Attending this market with my young children and teaching them to honour and appreciate the gifts brought to us from our community members, as well as showing them how to creatively choose the colour of the rainbow in all our organic veggies we buy, is one of the  best ways in which I am improving our lives, as well as those of the members in my community.

Supporting local, eating organic, protecting our environment as much as we can, these are the ways we can contribute to a better earth and a happier home, making it one of my top “living organic” tips.

Practice Mindfulness

Simply put, organic to me means placing your roots where you are. They say home is where the heart is, and this could not be more true for me. Having moved from pillar to post my entire life, experiencing a shift in culture, mindset and beliefs many times, and meeting new people constantly, organic to me means being where I am. In every unique moment, connecting to the people in my immediate surroundings, rooting myself in the art of mindfulness, community and the power of now.

Support Women

Hands down, if you ask anyone who knows me, they will say I am passionate about entrepreneurship, namely female entrepreneurs and our local trade and commerce. An entrepreneur myself, I have always been passionate about the connection and action that comes in to watering and incubating the seed that is an idea.

Supporting local businesses, female entrepreneurs, and mom bloggers, is what breeds a thriving local economy and the centre of community which is the home, while also keeping us in good conscious in more ways than one.

Buying local and supporting small businesses not only aids local job creation, it helps save the environment by cutting out all the middle men. Its also healthier! Buying local, eating what is in season, supporting single origin fair trade products, means you will be consuming and/or using products in their most natural and original form, chemical and preservative free. This is my absolute greatest passion.

The Lies of Convenience

If I could inspire people to change just one thing that could help them “live their organic,” it would be to stop using single use plastic products. I myself am not perfect about doing this, by I sure do try my best and, over time, I am getting better and better.  We live in a culture of fast, efficient and NOW; and it is rapidly coming at the detriment of our environment and inner peace. Single use plastic is a product of the fast-paced lifestyle we have become accustomed to – coffee on the go, a straw to drink more and faster, plastic bags to hoard our bulk of plastic contained foods.

I believe that we do not need to have and consume so much and so fast and that our modern lives are not spitting image of the peace and joy we are all collectively seeking. By living more consciously and choosing to pick our own locally grown produce (or better, grow it ourselves!), cook our own meals, pause to enjoy them, sip slowly, re-use and recycle, we come to appreciate the acts we seek to enjoy so much of in the first place. Getting things immediately, whenever and however we want them in a method that is prized for being fast and efficient over healthy and natural? This is the product of human greed that has been bred by capitalism, commercialism and more.

What do we do with the space made, and time saved by using these fast and readily available “convenience products”? Do we enjoy this time for peace and tranquillity in our families and homes? I do not believe we do. If you take a moment and examine your life while subscribing to the modern way of living with convenience on tap, you are probably just becoming more anxious with having more time on your hands thanks to the ease in which single use plastic and convenience foods offer us. We essentially begin fill this new freed up time with more thought and worry and consumption.

So, rather than buying cut up New Zealand grown fruit in a container at Woolworths, buy all the fruits from your local grocer and cut them yourself. Feel the locally and organically grown fruits of the earth on your human hands. Enjoy the natural and organic sensory overload of smelling naartjies, cutting apples, peeling bananas, in your home and with your family. I could give so many examples, but the point is this – finding JOY in making our own foods, cleaning our own homes, giving to others, using less, taking time, and more, is what reduces anxiety and increases peace. No one ever died saying they wish they spent less time with their family cooking and more time buying pre-packed foods so they could cram Netflix, more work, and symptoms of the rat race in to their life.

Chemical Free Living

We aim buy organic produce once a week at the farmers market, making us about 80% organic at home. Secondly, I have become more vigilant about reading the ingredients in the products we are using for washing our bodies and home. I haven’t changed out all our products yet, but slowly I am replacing the ones with lists of ingredients I can’t pronounce with naturally antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial ones. Less sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, talc, etc., and more tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lemongrass, baking soda, white vinegar and more. One way that helps me in doing this is buying from credible distributors whom I trust have done the research for me – that is why I love Faithful to Nature, one of the generous sponsors of the “Celebrate Your Organic” event with Pure Beginnings.

The Sponsors

Needless to say, it was such a great pleasure to have been a part of the Celebrate Organic event. Further, the interaction with the sponsoring brands has been equally as wonderful. Therefore, I would love to honour them here in my little corner of the digital world, not just for their generous contribution, but also for how they are each uniquely Celebrating Organic: by using less plastic, supporting local, providing organic, honest skincare, assisting breast feeding mammas, having a beautiful space to write down reflections and musings and drinking naturally filtered water. Thank you to all these kind and wonderful sponsors.


Stellarize Your Life

Faithful to Nature



Mrs. Milk Lactation Bar

Pure Beginnings

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Christina Masureik

Christina Masureik

Originally from the states, I moved to Cape Town in 2008 with my South African husband. Still very happy and content in Cape Town, we now have two kids together and are both desirous entrepreneurs, passionate about creating jobs and helping others.