Living and Thriving

Coming from a background in professional fitness competitions, Jessica Scott was used to finding her value in her size and there was no limit to how small she could be.


After becoming a mother, however, she experienced an internal shift. She began her career as a fitness coach, coaching hundreds of women each month to reach their health and fitness goals. It was during this time that she saw clearly that women did not need help knowing what to eat, we have tried it all really. Instead, they needed help navigating their inner world.

In her own words, Jessica says “I realized this not just because of the women I was hearing 1000’s of intimate stories that brought me to my knees, but I realized this because my own journey transitioned from one of trying to take up less space and be in a smaller body to inquiring into why I was so obsessed with manipulating my body. My journey took me down a road of realizing I had an eating disorder and had been in the thick of disordered eating for years- having started my first diet in 7th grade! Dieting for me became almost a fidget spinner for my mind. I dieted and worked out instead of dealing with the deep and unconscious pains from unresolved trauma.”

In this episode, we unpack Jessica’s personal journey of uncovering unresolved trauma and undoing the poor coping mechanisms adopted to deal with her pain. Her story is powerful and is a testimony to how the internal work is the most important work.

Jessica told me how there was a point where she was standing naked in the mirror with 8 pack abs. She had all the things that Instagram and society says will make us happy, yet as she stood there she was so underwhelmed in the moment.

She asked herself “if this isn’t it… what is?” She realised it wasn’t about how her body looks or what size she is, it is about HER, the real her. This began the internal work to find out who she was, irrespective of outside expectations or attachment.

Like many of us, Jessica was a people pleaser and her happiness depended on an image she created, an image woven together from pain.

In doing the internal work, Jessica realised what I hope we all come to realise in our own time. She realised that what she really wanted all along was already there. She wanted connection, love, joy, peace and to be worthy without effort. She found her inherent value and realised that her value was always there, regardless of approval, size or money in the bank.

​Jessica says on her journey to healing and growth, “I went through an immense unravelling. And I am not going to lie. That total unravelling and crumbling of everything I had been so sure about was difficult. Yet at the same time it was the best thing that happened to me. Because from that wreckage I rose. I rose wholly and completely me. And I knew I had value regardless of anything I did or how I looked.”

In our chat, Jessica unpacks her top tools for getting to know your value too and letting go of all those lies and destructive coping mechanisms. Jessica discusses with me that the key is to know your value system, to have boundaries, and to recognize your trauma so you can let it go and start living.

​Healed, stronger and 20 pounds of self-love heavier, Jessica is 7 years in to helping other women do the same in their lives. She helps people pleasers, perfectionists, women who have been traumatized, women without boundaries, and more to connect to their true selves so they too can heal and thrive.

She says, “My work is powerful, life changing, and is for women who want a best friend to hear them and help them through the pain and make sense of the confusion. The women I work with are kind – to a fault. The women I work with have chronic illness, health issues and/or mental health issues. They are the salt of the earth. They are unpretentious and know they are here for truth and healing wounds that have been a part of their family for too long. My work is for those who are ready to feel instead of run and learn healthy ways to cope with all the very real and very okay emotions that come with being human. If this is you. If you are ready. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to hear your story. I can’t wait to help you heal and help you rise.”

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