Let Food be Your FUEL

Recently on The Honest Hour Podcast, I spoke with certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Sam Pearce. While Sam has had a lifelong interest in fitness and health, she has only in recent years learned the science-based evidence of REAL nutrition and become passionate about a mindful approach to sound and nutritional eating. Her top tip?

Know the science of food and take the emotion out of eating. Her go-to motto is “Food is FUEL”.

In our honest conversation, Sam openly shares her background with food – how she grew up over-exercising and not understanding the nutritional aspect of food. Further, she unpacks her fall into a destructive eating disorder and how it triggered her finally taking personal accountability for her health and healing.

We discuss the modern diet trends, obsessive exercise, the binge/purge narrative in today’s fitness and health culture, and more. Listen in for inspiration from Sam’s personal journey with food and exercise, as well as the science-based wisdom she shares on how to optimize your journey with food and nutrition today, without all the trendy eliminations and restrictions of today’s fad diets.

Having also battled an eating disorder myself in my teen years, I was moved by Sam’s honest account of falling into the trap of coping with pain through the abuse of her body with food. Further, I was enlightened by her intellect and knowledge of the facts around food and learned so much more about eating well for my body’s needs.


Listening link:  https://podcasts.apple.com/za/podcast/take-the-emotion-out-of-eating-with-sam-pearse/id1450542787?i=1000473140229