Living Corona Positive: Shining Light in a Time of Darkness

In this episode I spoke with Megan, the light, the truth, the smiles, the brains, and the creator behind the Instagram account @livingcoronapositive. In March 2020 Megan and her family embarked on a fun ski holiday to Switzerland. Megan and her family landed up being in the group of “the first 50 people to test positive for COVID-19 in South Africa.” During our chat, Megan and I unpack her story: when and where her and her family contracted the virus, how they found out, what they did. We also explored her reasons for starting her account @livingcoronapositive, why she felt driven to share her experience openly and her thoughts on the stigma around this novel virus. In this episode, we got to the heart of what Megan and I each feel is an important lesson for everyone in this time: to nurture and honour our health, physically, nutritionally, and mentally. Megan shares with us her views on wellness, mindfulness and balance. She also gives us her personal top tips for “living well”.