Craft Ideas for Kid’s: Cheap & Easy Guide for Mom’s in Lockdown

Do you have pre-school age kids?
Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Is the sudden task of home-schooling your pre-school kids too big? Are you needing easy craft ideas for kids?
I am with you Mom’s! I am right there, in the trenches, crying alongside you. I too have been “going to the bathroom quick!” to google these cheap and easy craft ideas for kids. I am also crying behind closed doors. I am pining for my free time while holding a brave face for my children. I am exhausted by their endless need for stimulation and attention.
But in all that “bathroom googling” and crying, I have found the easiest go to craft ideas for kid’s ingredients and guidelines.

Here it is below.

Items You Need

What you need in the house always are these basics. These basic household items will be all you need for craft ideas for kid’s in a pinch or on a budget.
1. Baking soda
2. Flour
3. Food colouring
4. White Vinegar
5. Scissors
6. Corn starch
7. Baby lotion or oil
8. Conditioner
9. Paper
10. Glue

Write these on your grocery list for the next time you head out for essentials and always keep them in stock. Below are the easy craft ideas for kids.

What Your Pre-Schooler Needs to Learn:

According to, pre-schooler’s need to apply the following key learning points.
• Numbers & Counting
• Letters & Sounds
• Colors, Shapes & Objects
• Cutting & Drawing
• Socializing & Sharing
So, in becoming a “home-school preschool teacher” overnight, I aim to incorporate these elements into our daily routine and play time. Below I outline how to implement these learning opportunities into craft ideas for kids.

DIY Garden Art

What you will need:
• A garden (hopefully yours has trees, flowers, etc.)
• A piece of paper or cardboard or old cereal box to cut
• Glue
• Scissors
This one is my very own. OK it probably exists somewhere on the internet, but I truly thought of this one on my own. No bathroom googling was needed here, I promise!
Go into your garden with your kids and guide them along in finding treasures. Focus on colours, shapes, sizes, textures. Everything in preschool is sensory focused right? What do we “See”? How does is “feel”? What does it “smell” like?
For your older pre-schoolers ask them to count the items and emphasize the phonetics of each item. “B if for BIRD feather, B B Bird feather”. When you do your craft with them later you can bring out your pictures of letters (capital and lower case of course) as well as pictures of numbers. Show your older pre-schooler kids the number “3” when they count out “3 feathers”. Show them the letter “B” when the say “bird feather”.
For the younger kids, ages 2-3, help them to discover the differing colours of each item from the garden. Encourage them to identify shapes. Establish patterns in your creation – first a rock, then a feather, then a flower, repeat. All of this is what adds to their neurological brain development (PS I’m NOT an educator, I am a google expert).

Fizzing Rainbow

This idea was found on this blog.
What you will need:
• Tray or Cookie Sheet
• Liquid Food Coloring
• Baking Soda
• Distilled White Vinegar
• Dropper (I like to save mine from empty medicine bottles like Children’s Tylenol)
• Cup

Learning Opportunity:

• Count how many colours there are
• Identify the colours
• Discuss the chemical reaction and the “science”
• Identify how the baking soda feels when it is dry and when it is wet
• Notice the fizzing sound

Soft Play Dough

You will find so many recipes for this play dough on the internet. My favorite for anything is always the easiest, cheapest and fastest. Let’s be honest, kids are impatient. They will be over this activity in less than the time if takes you to make it anyways, so don’t make it too complicated. All you need for this play dough recipe is baby lotion and corn starch.

Normal Play Dough

What you will need:
• 1 cup Flour
• 1/4 cup of Salt
• 1 teaspoon Vegetable oil
• Food colouring
Learning Opportunity:
• Count how many colours there are
• Identify the colours
• Make different shapes and sizes
• Create patterns with the colours and shapes

Flour Trucks

What you will need:
• Storage container (any old box is fine!)
• Flour
• Small trucks and toys
Learning Opportunity:
• Listen to the “rules” (flour stays in the truck box)
• Share the toys
• Count the trucks
• Identify which trucks are bigger/smaller than other ones
• Feel the flour, how does it feel?

There it is! My easy guide for the unexpected pre-school home-school Mom in lockdown with kids. Last but not least, I wanted to add one lingering little piece of wisdom: give yourself grace. You will still get frustrated, the kids will still cry, the family will be on edge. These times are not normal and it is just not possible to be prepared for this. Take one day at a time and make FUN and LOVE the priority at home. The rest will figure itself out and the most important thing now, above and beyond pre-school education, is raising confidant kids. So, love them first, and teach them second.