Product Review: Poppet Post vs. Betty Sue

We were so honored to be asked to review this wonderful local product this past week. Thank you Poppet Post!

How Does it Work?

Every 2nd month Poppet Post puts together a beautifully packaged range of fun and educational toys, books and activities that are handpicked to suit your child’s age and gender. Items included are chosen according to the specific developmental milestones of children from ages 0 – 5.

They work on a subscription model and deliver to your door once every second month. Browse example boxes or have a look below at some of the items you can expect. It is very easy to subscribe right from their website and subscriptions can be cancelled anytime at no penalty.

Poppet Post boxes are like 3 birds and one stone for me. I can understand my kids development needs, encourage educational activities, and entertain them long enough to get other things done, all the while costing me next to nothing and taking no time at all! #momwin

Why I LOVE Poppet Post

1. It is Easy

If you’re like me, you have often found yourself thinking “what am I meant to do with my kids now?” Let’s be honest, children under 5 have the attention span of an ant – actually, it is probably worse.

I have found many a times that an afternoon of baking turns in to a disastrous wine-inducing scenario that looks like this – we start to bake, make a mess, clean the mess, try to continue baking the cake but the boys are now on to wanting to swim. Before I know it, the house is a disaster, everyone is in tears, the cake is burnt and the TV is on. #momfail

Or maybe you’re not like me and you bake gluten free health cake with smiles throughout as well as make your own amazing Poppet Post boxes right from home, putting the proverbial icing the cake to boot! Good for you Betty sue. My life is way different.

Instead of eating burnt cake I will opt for clever little Poppet Post boxes delivered straight to my door, thank you very much.

2. It killed Peppa Pig

So, I mentioned the forbidden “TV” ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m ousted. That’s right, I am guilty of it, don’t lie, you know you are too Betty Sue. If you have kids under the age of 5 and want to shower once a day, you have inevitably resorted to the world’s best thing since sliced bread, the babysitter on a screen. Max an hour a day though! Or two……. don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Jokes aside, when I am scrambling to entertain my kids long enough to get dressed for work or clean the house, the TV has saved me. And I will be honest, I feel guilty about it. #momguiltisrealyo

As a busy working mom to two rambunctious boys, I am always seeking ways to engage with my kids, as well as keep them busy and stimulated, in ways that promote their natural age-appropriate development and stimulation. What I loved about opening our Poppet Post boxes this week, among many things, is how the mind-numbing voice of Peppa Pig faded far in to the background and was eventually turned off completely as the boys dug in to their boxes while I made dinner.

3. It is Educational & Age Appropriate

In addition to the TV replacement aspect, I love the ease in which I can open a box full of magic for my kids to dive in to, knowing it was specially designed for their age and developmental needs. Inside each of their boxes was an adorable little letter that said “milestone: insert their age”.

My oldest son is nearly 4 years old and his letter spoke to me about his social development and coordination. It explains the purpose and application of each activity in the box, as well as gives me ideas on other ways I can nurture his present development milestones and why those things are important.

Likewise, for my younger son who is nearly 2, the box had a letter to me that outlined his current need to imitate things and his rate of learning new words at his age. I learned about his motor skill development and how I can encourage self-care in a way that is fun for him through imitation play.

So, what are you waiting for mama? Don’t be a Betty Sue. We can all have our cake and eat it too. The next time you’re googling “toddler tantrum” or “activities for 2-year olds” while baking a cake, desperately trying to avoid the forbidden TV, and questioning your worthiness as a mama who can’t keep her kids entertained and the house clean at the same time, stop what you are doing and subscribe to Poppet Post instead. Age-appropriate, affordable, educational and fun activities for kids straight to your day and a new one every two months.

Done and dusted. Screw you and your perfection Betty Sue. I’ve got Poppet Post. #micdrop