Cape Town Vision Board Workshop

The Vision Board Workshop

Last week, I was so blessed to attend the unique and transformative Vision Board Workshop in Cape Town with Sonja McKaiser.

Sonja McKaiser

Sonja is a local Cape Town resident who thrives on the art and transformation of story telling. She passionately shares her love for storytelling by facilitating expressive writing and vision board workshops. Sonja offers a space where we, as women can collaborate and inspire each other to tell our own stories.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a wonderful and creative tool that allows you to truly manifest your dreams. Creating a vision board allows us to lay out a tangible and visual road map to our true inner goals.

How does it work?

By putting the dreams and visions that float around our head on to a solid board to touch and see daily, we are allowing ourselves to free our thoughts and focus our energy more clearly. Everytime we step in to our vision board we are reminded of what our dreams are. This is a truly powerful method of manifestation.

Why I Love This Workshop

As a busy entrepreneur I often find myself scattered amongst the chaos of my dreams and goals. I say YES to everything and easily lose site of what I am reaching for. This creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety for me too.

This vision board workshop allowed me the space and opportunity, with Sonja’s creative and meditative guidance, to identify my true dreams and achieve some much needed clarity.

I have always wanted to do this activity, making a vision board, however I lacked the time and impetus. I am so grateful to have attended this workshop where I could finally define my dreams.

The workshop lasted 5 hours and I was able to leave with my very own vision board to look at every day as a constant reminder of my goals.

This is such a powerful tool! Everyday I step in to my board and allow myself to just dream.

How You Can Attend Too

The duration of the workshop is approximately 5 hours. The workshop is only R990 per person and includes coffee / tea and a snack during the break. LUCKY FOR YOU, all my readers can receive R100 off their workshop by providing my name when booking. These workshops are intimate, and space is limited. You can see future workshop dates and book here.

Group rates can be provided on request. Vision board workshops are excellent as a team building exercise which can be held at your premises. All tools will be provided for all workshops!

If you’re in need of some ‘me time’ to focus on yourself, then come join me and let’s have some fun.