From Market To Table Floral Design Workshop

From Market To Table

We’ve all seen them. The Pinterest vs reality pictures circulating our social media feeds. “Nailed it!” And it is true. Who can really make that gorgeous DIY wall? Or the home-made kids activities?

But what if I told you that you CAN do it. Those DIY home projects? You can do it. The gorgeous homemade Christmas gifts? Yes, that too. Why you ask? HOW can you do it?! Because I have found the perfect person to help you! And she is starting with an amazing workshop called “From Market To Table” where you will learn first hand how to make the most beautiful floral designs right in your own home. Her name is Desiree Botteril, former bespoke floral design shop owner in the gorgeous Henley-on-Thames. See some of her stunning creations below from the recent Mom Blogs Support Local event, and visit her on Instagram to follow her heavenly floral designs.

On Saturday 24 November from 9AM – 12PM join this unique floristry workshop whereby you will learn the tricks of the trade in how to create your own special home floral designs. The best part? You will be supporting the amazing plethora of local markets we are surrounded with in the beautiful cape.


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