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Why “Mom Blogs Support Local” Event?


A Little About Christina Masureik


For my entire adult working life I have been an entrepreneur. Specifically focused on and passionate about connecting people and promoting products and brands. I started working at the age of 17 doing promotional spokes-modelling, and continued to do so while studying marketing and communications at SDSU. I went on to establish Event Stars, a business aimed at providing high-end promotional staff for events and trade shows. I went on to convert the business to Star Social Media, assisting local start-ups and entrepreneurs with their digital marketing strategies. I sold my business before I had my first son in 2015 and, after a 3 year break, am back and so excited!

Why We Should Support Local


It is no news that South Africa is in a recession and people are losing jobs left right and centre while corporates leave and local businesses close.

According to the banking association of SA, SMEs are considered an important contributor to the economy as drivers for reducing unemployment, especially since the formal sector continues to shed jobs.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa and around the world. Some researchers have estimated that, in South Africa, small and medium-sized enterprises make up 91% of formalised businesses, provide employment to about 60% of the labour force and total economic output accounts for roughly 34% of GDP.


Why Support Mom Bloggers?


First of all, moms are amazing full stop. Especially in today’s age! While we live in the age of freedom of choice and “having it all,” in many ways, I don’t think it’s ever been harder for women. We have the pressure to have babies, naturally and then breastfeed exclusively of course, maintain some sort of “identity” or career, run the household, and look good all the while doing it. It’s bloody exhausting, unsustainable and, at the best of times, very isolating and lonely. Where is our “village”?

Given the current dynamics of our economy and modern societal culture of women, many new moms take to running online businesses, either using an Instagram account, blog or e-store. Or, we get in to the fun habit of sharing our modern life through the connective and empowering realms of social media. Sound familiar?

Why Collaborate?


In an effort to connect and mutually benefit the growing world of mom bloggers and the much needed development of local businesses, I created this little brainchild called “Mom Blogs Support Local”.

My aim is to create a platform that connects mommy influencers and brands in a positive environment that promotes a thriving economy, a supportive community, and a mutually benefiting collective reach to project their strong voices.


Our First Event


Our first ever “Mom Blogs Support Local” event happened on 9 October, 2018.

The event included an intimate gathering of 12 local mom bloggers. We spoke about the power of social media, the influencer brands have on our lives, and the importance of supporting local businesses. More than that, we spoke about the challenges and (and joys!) of life as a mama.

We were so blessed to hear a motivational speech by fellow mom and entrepreneur Caitlyn De Beer. Caitlyn is a self-management coach & speaker but I have a story too. She speaks to audiences and individuals worldwide on how they can create lives that they love and coaching/mentoring over 350 individuals from 8 countries around the world. Caitlyn is excited to be writing her first book and is currently launching her newest course, Mums Living their Best Life.


At our event, not only were the mom bloggers inspired by Caitlyn’s interactive presentation, their palates were spoiled by local nutritional therapist and self-proclaimed “foodie” Aliya.





The Gorgeous Eats


  • Dragonfruit smoothies
  • Oat pancakes with nut butter and strawberry
  • Pea blinis with cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • Baby aubergine frittata’s with bar berries
  • Coconut cream fruit jellies
  • Crostini with beetroot hummus and thyme mushrooms
  • Chocolate adzuki bean brownie cakes with a matcha cream
  • Klawer Wyn Rose


The Hamper Giveaway Prize


But that’s not all. Not only were they local mom bloggers inspired and spoiled by our event collaborators and lovely sponsors, they all got to participate in a jointly planned AMAZING Instagram giveaway.

ONE LUCKY WINNER stands the chance to win this phenomenal R25000 hamper!

The competition ends 30 October, 2018 so if you have not entered, do it now!

The Event Photography


All the other snaps by our wonderful and truly talented photographer Nora:


Does this all sound exciting?! If you are a local mom blogger or influencer, I would love for you to attend our next event supporting local brands. Sign up below!

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