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Live Your Best Life as a Mom

Mothers Guilt


Working mom.Am I living my best life as a mom? I often find myself feeling guilty for choosing to work while I am a mom to young children. Am I missing out on their special childhood moments? Will I cause them abandonment issues by putting them in creche while I run around chasing my tail in meetings all day? Is it all worth it? Its begs the question, how can you live your best life as a mom? As much as I sometimes doubt my decision to work at this stage in life, I always come back to square one. And that is the realisation that I am a better mama for doing what inspires me as a person. I LOVE to work and create. I was born an entrepreneur. Connecting people through marketing and events moves me within my SOUL. I crave this human connection and independence and, during the times I have tried to be a full time stay at home mom, I suffered emotionally depriving myself of what makes me tick and what makes me ME.

Best Life as a Mom

I am not saying I have it all figured out, in fact it is quite the opposite. I have accepted what I need to do to be my best self, but how do I live my best life as a mom? How do I find the balance of nurturing who I am while also being a present and loving mother? Can I have that life NOW?

@caitlyndebeer says I can. And, while I am still figuring out how, I am so grateful to have found her course called “Mums Living Their Best Life”.

Mentoring Programme for Moms

This mentoring program is an intimate group space where mums will come together (online of course, as let’s be honest we don’t have time for meet ups) and be reminded of who they are as a person, and not just mum. It’s a space where you’ll be encouraged through 3 master class videos, will work through an e-journal inspiring you to take control of your headspace and life again, and be held accountable and encouraged through live chats on Facebook  and in a private Facebook group.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A better understanding of what you at your BEST looks like at this stage of life
  • A plan as to how include more me time into your mummy life
  • A deeper self awareness
  • A list of things that make you come alive
  • A plan for how to make balance a reality in your life
  • Self love activities ideas
  • A new network of mums to encourage you on this journey

If you’re like me and want to learn how to be the best person and simultaneously the best mama possible to your kiddos, join me on this course.

A Special Discount

Caitlyn has generously offered a special discount to my lovely following of mamas here. To sign up visit and enter the discount code Christina_mum