3 Reasons I Joined the Flourishing Fit Moms Community & Why You Should Too

I want it all and I want it to feel easy. Sound familiar? Don’t lie, you know you feel the same (insert cheeky wink face).

This is by no exaggeration how I feel as a driven entrepreneurial mama. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day (my husband reminds me all the time!) but, honestly, this truth won’t ever stop me from trying. Amiright?!

I want to build my business, have the happiest clients, be at the best events, be the most perfect mother, and somehow, I also want to look and feel great doing it all. Sadly, and quite inevitably, my human body tells me otherwise. I cannot work 12 hour days and have dinner served by 6PM wearing my Gucci’s and red lipstick. Nope. Not going to happen ladies.

Fortunately, however, while I’ve learned the hard way that it is not possible to be a programmed bot on autopilot ticking my to do list off without proper sleep, nutrition, or health, the Flourishing Fit Moms Programme will help me. Not only will I achieve reaching my fitness goals whilst being a busy working mama, it will also help guide me through the entire process, overcoming pitfalls and obstacles along the way.

So, I recently joined the Meg Faure spring challenge support group where I am following a custom-made fitness programme alongside Meg and several other fit-enthused moms, all in different stages of their mom and fitness journeys. Lasting 12 weeks, the programme will take me to the December holidays looking fit and fab, all the while being a happy mama and hard-working entrepreneur. I can’t have it all, but I sure am gonna try!

Not only does the challenge include a 12 week downloadable PDF exercise programme, but it also allows me access to a closed Facebook support group with 24/7 support and encouragement where the fabulous founders answer my questions, provide me feedback and send me weekly informative blog posts and tips relative to exercise and the balancing act of motherhood. Brilliant!

I started my 12 weeks programme today with a bang.  Using my trusted yoga mat and two old dumb bells, as well as the space available in my living room, I set aside all mom and work responsibilities for 50 minutes and sweat it out in the lounge. And man, how it changed my day for it! It was so rewarding to feel those endorphins pumping, without having to leave my house or spend any money, and to be able to share my progress afterwards on a closed communication group with a team of other moms doing the exact same thing.

Below are 3 great reasons I joined the Flourishing Fit Moms Movement, and why I think you should too.

  1. I Get a Community

I clean alone, work alone, grocery shop alone and, well, lets forget about a social life. I am a mom! Enough said.

Working out is a challenge, not just because it feels physically hard, but because it is difficult to balance the juggle of time management. Giving our families what they need from us, as well as paying attention to our work commitments.

Yes, I could work out on my own at home by having “discipline,” but having a community of like-minded ladies to engage with on a fitness journey? It is PRICELESS.

2. I Don’t Have to Think

I make decisions not only for myself, but for my entire family, 24/7.

What do I wear? What should I eat? Why is the sun shining? The questions vary and are endless. The last thing I have time or energy for is THINKING of what exercise I should be doing. Should I do cardio? Or go to a class? Or is just a walk OK? Will the exercise I am doing even make a difference?!

Having a set programme made for me by other mothers gives me the security in knowing that what I am doing is RIGHT and that I don’t need to do anything else except for follow it. Easy!

3. It’s “Made For Us By Us”

Not only does carrying and having babies affect our bodies physically, it changes our brains, hormones, emotions, schedules, relationships and so much more. So of course, it will inevitably affect our fitness and energy levels.

Following a programme that has been designed by a Biokineticist who’s also a mother, as well as a life coach who is a mother, gives me the confidence that the professionals behind this understand me. They know what my bodies been through, emotionally and physically, and they know what challenges I will face during the programme. They have my best interests at heart because they have been there too!

Today was only day 1, but I am so motivated and incredibly grateful to be a part of this programme.