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About Christina

Christina Masureik is an American born expat living and loving life in Cape Town, South Africa. She has spent the last decade in Cape Town turning her passion for connecting people, writing, marketing, and branding into two businesses, which she sold in 2015 before becoming a mother. She now operates and manages her own lifestyle blog and is a podcast host and speaker.



In 2019 Christina wrote a memoir about surviving severe childhood trauma but decided not to publish at this time. While the process of writing and editing cultivated her own ground for healing, it also gave her the opportunity to see the world through a more diverse perspective. She believes in vulnerability, in healing out loud and, most importantly, in forgiveness and grace.


Podcast & Speaker

Christina is now most passionate about speaking on topics about rising above, transcending your circumstances, the power of a healthy mindset and all topics that help our communities rise to our highest selves. Most importantly, Christina is keen to hear the stories of others who have found purpose in their pain and risen above, despite the odds.

“When she is not writing, speaking, or recording, you can find Christina walking along the coast of the deep southern peninsula, reading a book or playing with her two boys.”


The Honest Hour Podcast

To be honest is to try to convince someone of your discovered truth about something. Your honesty is your work, your story, your relationships, your experiences, and your world view.

This is a collective voice of global influences. It is through honest conversations out loud that we can rise together by adopting a more diverse understanding of the world around us. #thisisyourhonesty

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DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions shared by guests are their own. Not for the highly opinionated or close minded.


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